The Valpo Surf Project is a non-profit company based out of Valparaíso, Chile. They provide extra curricular learning experiences based around surfing and language courses for children in high-risk neighborhoods in Valparaíso. I was introduced to the program after visiting a friend and seeing first hand the impact they make in the community for these children. What they do is truly remarkable. They even taught me how to surf!

To learn more about the Valpo Surf Project visit


To build awareness of their work in an easily sharable format, a brochure was created to break down what they do, who they are, and how you yourself can help. 

The booklet is broken into who they are, approach, how you can help, who you help, and meeting the staff. The booklet emphasizes its core values of the environment, surfing, and academics.

Its designed modernly, leaving the type and layout clean, but willing to play with its grid. Images were the main focal point of the brochure to let the emotion and benefits the organization shine through.


Benefit Posters

At their 2018 New York fund raiser benefit event, posters were hung to help the attendees get to know some of the students involved in Valpo Surf Project. 

The beginning posters introduce you to the possibility to sponsor a student and a breakdown of what it takes to keep VSP happening. The following posters showcase selected students from various neighborhoods from Mariposa to Laguna Verde. Each bio reflects on the students hobbies, talents, and dreams for the future.