Constructivist Manifesto





The "Who We Are" manifesto was written by Alexander Rodchenko, Alexei Gan and Varvara Stepanova as a mentality of all constructivists to create and live by. 

The piece consists of 19 laser cut wooden slides with the Constructivist Manifesto designed and applied to each. Channeling the motto of the organization, once stacked, the slides physically construct type to display the title of "Who We Are." 

The aim of the project was to utilize the constructive and utilitarian messages communicated in the manifesto to take what is 2D and create the 3D within them. Each tile is responsible for not only relaying its own section of the manifesto, but also is responsible for a physical trait in the construction of the project as a whole as well. 


Constructivist tiles

Modern Day Application

In an attempt to take what the Constructivist Manifesto stands for, and apply it to a modern day medium, a video advertisement was created to be used on social media. Social media is the most popular method of the generation to spread information and gain followers. The video is enticing, eye catching, and the typographic elements build on themselves to continue this idea of duality in design.